BØRNS – 10,000 Emerald Pools

BØRNS is brand new on the blog scene. Like, super brand new. As in this is the first song he’s released. Not a bad start, AMIRITE?

Here’s what’s throwing me off, though: when I first hit play, I thought this was a female vocalist. BØRNS, if you’re reading this, no offense intended. This differentiating factor might actually be what caused me to set aside time to pull this review together, so you’re definitely doing something right.

The young artist has been picked up by Interscope, a clear indicator that we’ll be hearing (and seeing) a lot more work to come. Keep your ears peeled — there’s little doubt we’ll be all over future releases.

Ain’t Horrible – Crepes

The debut single from Melbourne four-piece Crepes. Having been in cahoots since high school, they’re no strangers to the local scene (a couple of the members play in other bands), but they’ve returned to the project this year with a bit of a change of direction. “Ain’t Horrible is the first release.